Hovering around in Springfield

Ok, warning.  There are about one hundred thumbnails currently loading on your computer.  That means a few hundred kilobytes.  We're sorry, but we didn't want to choose which ones were "good" at the expense of cutting out others.

Here are some mpg movies we recorded with Eric's neato digital camera:

The explanations are sort of in the names of the pictures.  I'd do my normal witty commentary, but geez, there's just too darn many pictures!  They're everywhere, AAAAAAHHHH!!!!

10.23.16am-Greg securing steering column.jpg (160889 bytes) 10.24.56am-Giant belt sander at PL1.jpg (148136 bytes) 13.08.20pm-checking out the beach.jpg (218536 bytes) 13.09.10pm-coming back from the beach.jpg (202445 bytes)
13.09.32pm-Lindsey,Jessica.jpg (220001 bytes) 13.11.34pm-Jessica climbing a tree.jpg (222741 bytes) 13.14.52pm-hovercraft on the trailer.jpg (195731 bytes) 13.17.06pm-Greg preparing to drive down the slope.jpg (215091 bytes)
13.19.16pm-driving down the hill.jpg (250672 bytes) 13.19.34pm-coming down the hill.jpg (263526 bytes) 13.19.44pm-coming down the hill.jpg (256626 bytes) 13.19.56pm-geese leaving the beach.jpg (152779 bytes)
13.20.08pm-Jessica,Theresa,Andrew,Karl,Tom,Greg,Matthew,Erick-coming down the hill.jpg (240205 bytes) 13.20.22pm-on the beach.jpg (130345 bytes) 13.21.38pm-Karl&Jessica.jpg (237936 bytes) 13.22.18pm-sand blowing from under the skirt.jpg (102794 bytes)
13.22.26pm-Greg hitting the water.jpg (123842 bytes) 13.22.34pm-Greg.jpg (99344 bytes) 13.22.54pm-Greg.jpg (81408 bytes) 13.23.34pm-Greg returning.jpg (81975 bytes)
13.23.48pm-Greg landing.jpg (120305 bytes) 13.25.00pm-Tom looking at duct.jpg (150726 bytes) 13.33.16pm.jpg (142660 bytes) 13.33.30pm-crowd and hovercraft on the beach.jpg (157804 bytes)
13.34.56pm-Eric stepping in craft.jpg (152465 bytes) 13.37.36pm-Eric waving.jpg (166646 bytes) 13.38.22pm-Eric,Greg turning on beach.jpg (166653 bytes) 13.38.58pm-Eric.jpg (119218 bytes)
13.40.04pm-Eric.jpg (76060 bytes) 13.41.40pm-Eric returning.jpg (99552 bytes) 13.41.52pm-Eric landing.jpg (161215 bytes) 13.45.02pm-Lindsey.jpg (218308 bytes)
13.45.16pm-Greg checking the fuel.jpg (140994 bytes) 13.47.00pm-Matthew donning goggles.jpg (199908 bytes) 13.47.10pm-Matthew talking.jpg (197014 bytes) 13.47.48pm-Matthew starting engine.jpg (187619 bytes)
13.48.00pm-Matthew,Greg turning on beach.jpg (149229 bytes) 13.48.14pm-Matthew entering water, Greg.jpg (104426 bytes) 13.48.20pm-Matthew.jpg (103331 bytes) 13.48.48pm-Matthew.jpg (89820 bytes)
13.49.16pm-Matthew.jpg (98902 bytes) 13.49.44pm-Matthew.jpg (85550 bytes) 13.50.02pm-Matthew returning.jpg (100170 bytes) 13.52.44pm-Lindsey,Matthew,Erick in cockpit.jpg (173815 bytes)
13.52.58pm-Erick starting engine.jpg (186533 bytes) 13.53.08pm-Erick turning on beach.jpg (173294 bytes) 13.53.28pm-Erick.jpg (93224 bytes) 13.53.38pm-Erick.jpg (82428 bytes)
13.53.44pm-Erick.jpg (90719 bytes) 13.54.00pm-Erick.jpg (85961 bytes) 13.54.16pm-Erick.jpg (76917 bytes) 13.54.44pm-Erick.jpg (96501 bytes)
13.54.54pm-Erick.jpg (94110 bytes) 14.00.16pm-Lindsey,Erick.jpg (125616 bytes) 14.01.02pm-Lindsey,Erick.jpg (122531 bytes) 14.01.48pm-Erick.jpg (105874 bytes)
14.21.52pm-flying up the hill.jpg (236326 bytes) 14.25.12pm-Jessica Huck.jpg (87027 bytes) 14.32.56pm-hovercraft charging system in action.jpg (171568 bytes) 14.33.18pm-leaves in duct guard,battery connection.jpg (191770 bytes)
14.33.28pm-Eric charging the hovercraft.jpg (152153 bytes) 14.35.18pm-hovercraft charging system in action.jpg (172755 bytes) 14.39.14pm-Greg,Tom.jpg (171040 bytes) 14.39.50pm-Andrew,Karl,Matthew,Jessica.jpg (207757 bytes)
14.41.26pm-Tom,Matthew,Greg,Karl turing to go down the hill.jpg (191796 bytes) 14.42.02pm-coming down the hill.jpg (144198 bytes) 14.42.20pm-Erick,Matthew,Greg,Tam,Karl coming down the hill.jpg (232251 bytes) 14.42.30pm-Erick,Greg,Matthew on the beach.jpg (135469 bytes)
14.57.50pm-Matthew talking to reporter.jpg (184054 bytes) 14.57.56pm-Matthew talking to reporter.jpg (186737 bytes) 14.58.42pm-Matthew talking to reporter.jpg (232498 bytes) 14.58.54pm-Matthew talking to reporter.jpg (189893 bytes)
14.59.04pm-Matthew talking to reporter.jpg (153848 bytes) 15.00.36pm-reporter filming the hovercraft.jpg (165044 bytes) 15.00.58pm-Eric.jpg (50447 bytes) 15.01.14pm-Eric.jpg (58674 bytes)
15.01.30pm-Eric.jpg (87018 bytes) 15.01.52pm-Eric.jpg (74482 bytes) 15.07.28pm-Erick.jpg (68015 bytes) 15.07.50pm-Erick.jpg (75418 bytes)
15.30.18pm-Erick.jpg (67848 bytes) 15.31.28pm-Erick.jpg (130866 bytes) 15.34.44pm-Karl,Jessica,Eric.jpg (107799 bytes) 15.35.38pm-Eric,Jessica.jpg (103400 bytes)
15.36.12pm-Jessica,Eric.jpg (129090 bytes) 15.38.30pm-Jessica,Eric.jpg (81788 bytes) 15.38.40pm-Jessica, Eric.jpg (72436 bytes) 15.40.12pm-Jessica,Eric.jpg (102236 bytes)
15.40.24pm-Jessica,Eric.jpg (143816 bytes) 15.40.34pm-Jessica,Eric.jpg (156740 bytes) 15.48.10pm-Lindsey,Theresa.jpg (151929 bytes) 15.48.22pm-Erick, Lindsey,Theresa.jpg (132815 bytes)
15.48.22pm-Erick,Lindsey,Theresa.jpg (103472 bytes) 15.48.30pm-Theresa,Lindsey.jpg (94027 bytes) 15.49.34pm-Theresa,Lindsey.jpg (65207 bytes) 15.50.16pm-Lindsey,Theresa.jpg (118187 bytes)
15.52.38pm-Theresa,Lindsey returning.jpg (72763 bytes) 15.56.22pm-Karl in cockpit.jpg (160429 bytes) 15.56.30pm-Erick, Karl entering water.jpg (115061 bytes) 15.56.58pm-Karl.jpg (54830 bytes)
15.57.30pm-Karl.jpg (60345 bytes) 15.58.38pm-Erick,Karl.jpg (154819 bytes)