MPG Movies from Lake Springfield (March 20, 1999)

10.24.04am-Matthew -belt sander take 1.mpg
10.24.22am-Matthew- belt sander take 2.mpg
13.23.12pm-Greg turning.mpg
13.50.14pm-Matthew landing.mpg
13.54.30pm-Erick turning.mpg
13.55.10pm-Erick landing.mpg
14.01.22pm-Erick turning.mpg
14.02.28pm-Greg landing.mpg
14.26.54pm-Jessica drenching Karl.mpg
14.28.04pm-Jessica destroying Karl, Erick watching.mpg
14.48.36pm-Greg,Erick washing craft, Jessica.mpg
14.49.06pm-Erick washing craft.mpg
14.49.36pm-Erick washing bow- short loop.mpg
14.57.14pm-Matthew-'and uh, some of the things that were difficult were um the rec..'.mpg
14.57.36pm-Matthew-'when we got this thing near water, it didn't actually work so well because we'.mpg
15.08.36pm-Erick landing.mpg
15.31.42pm-Erick side sliding.mpg
15.32.56pm-Erick landing.mpg
15.52.48pm-Theresa,Lindsey,Erick landing.mpg
15.59.26pm-Karl landing.mpg